Kamle dadalarya /krisyune dikhavne, qhavore thay edukatorya Ministria e Edukipaski, Shkenia, teknologia thay Inovacia adive startinla vash tumenge e platforma “Edukipe ani Distanca – Dikipe,Evolviripe thay Edukipe ano rano qhavoripe vash 0-6 bersh”.

Akaya platforma avela vash tumenge e suroa vash te oven panglal tumende ano realizipe e divune aktivitetyengo tumare qhavorenca ano khereske kondicie. Adikeripe e aktivitetyengo vash prezentipe ani akaya platforma stimulinla e qhavoren ano olengo evolviripe ano umala e evolviripaske ano umlavipe e bershengo vash olenge sar ani fixikuni umal,penjaripe,emocie ,matematikake thay odova ano kreativiteti.
Numay akaya platforma si te anel informacie sar manglape te vakaren o qhavore vash COVID19, si te ovel masekune teme, formulari monitoripe vash edukatorya, misal e aktivitetyenge realizime kotar qhavore, yaverune video thay matrialya kola vakerna vash evolviripe e qhavorengo ano rano bersha.

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Modeling with plasticine 💚💚💛🧡❤️💙💜

Nili and Lumi learning art skills with activities from:


#URRA #ForEveryChild


Who else loves 🌳? 🤗

Rrap Shala is painting one for us and all he is using is:
🎨🔖 and his 🤚

Another activity from http://www.edukimihershem.rks-gov.net

#URRA #ForEveryChild ... @LUinKosovo

“Përshendetje!” means “Hello!” from Borea Sopi (2). Today she started playing the “puzzle game” with her mother Blerta who is a TV journalist in #Kosovo. The game is part of the online ... platform “Education in distance”. http://www.edukimihershem.rks-gov.net #URRA #foreverychild #ECD #COVID19

#DYK: For every $1 spent on Early Childhood Development, the return on investment can be up to $13!

And, the cost of inaction is very high: A poor start in life for children can lead to poor health, ... malnutrition, inadequate education, social tension & low income. v/@unicefkosovo

Congratulations to our partners @qshhzh for organizing this amazing event in Dragash with @VjosaOsmaniMP @arberienagavciand @UtaIbrahimion as inspiring profiles for #children and to support #ECD in ... #Kosovo. #ForEveryChild

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